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Monday, 3 October 2016

How to Break the chains of Poverty And Embrace wealth & Success

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       "Breaking the bond of poverty doesn't work out easy for lazy people rather, it works out for individuals who are willing to work and change the situation he finds himself"

Am going to share some tips that will help you discover the way to break loose the bond of poverty so as to embrace wealth and success. This Tips include:

  •         DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE: The world revolves around a man with difficulties because he has not discovered his purpose of being. Until you discover your purpose, you will still remain the way you have always been. An Undiscovered purpose is an undiscovered potential. When you haven't really discovered whom you are, you cannot unveil great potentials lying inside of you. Nobody in life was created to be poor but you can make yourself poor or rich if only you discover poor or rich if only you discover your purpose and calling in life. When your purpose haven't been discovered, you tend to develop a negative mindset of impossibilities. i.e thinking that almost everything is impossible. The Big question here is How Do You Discover Your Purpose???

Yea how to discover your purpose of existence is very easy to unveil. First thing you have to do is simply go to your creator in prayer and ask him to revel to you why you were been created and the purpose of your existence. For everything created, There is a reason and only the creator can say why it was made. Go to God in prayer and unveil your purpose.

  •         USE YOUR MIND RIGHTLY: Your mind is your asset to greatness. Your mind can make you rich or poor. It can place you on the pedestal of glory and greatness. It can also dump you in the dust of suffering and shame. Your mind can be used to innovate and invent new things if only you are willing to use them rightly. The  way and manner in which you position your mindset determines whether or not it would be easy to break loose poverty completely. Always have in mind that your mindset affects your lifestyle. It also affect your reasoning and the way you see things. Use your mind rightly and break the bond of poverty in your life.

  •         PUT YOUR HANDS TO WORK: Breaking the bond of poverty doesn't just happen by chance neither is it by magic rather it comes to a diligent man in order words a man that puts his hands to work. Most people still wallow in poverty simply because they refuse to put their hands to work. The holy Bible made it clear that there is no food for a lazy man. The same Bible also said that "a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of hands to rest and so shall poverty come on you like a mighty wind". In this fight of breaking the bonds of poverty, we should see virtually everything as important. We shouldn't misuse any little time or opportunities we have because even a second can be used to change a particular thing. Do not be Deceived. Wealth do not come by just folding your hands rather put your hands to work and break the bonds of poverty in your life.

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