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Friday, 18 September 2015


 The ever increasing demand and mega supply of energy in Nigeria has a great challenge to her development. The situation is becoming critical with increasing population not balanced by an adequate energy development programme. The incessant power generation failure has grossly affected the economy, seriously showing down development in rural and sub-rural settlement.

  The Nigeria situation is such that the current electricity  provision is short of the electricity demanded in the country. The present average electricity generation is about 3500mwh as against an average electricity demanded as projected by the commission of more than 10,000mwh.

                                     REASONS FOR THE SHORTAGE IN ELECTRICITY POWER SUPPLY.
      The funding provided to add new improve the existing generation capacity has been grossly inadequate and funding pattern has not been consistent. Growing or sustaining the available capacity has been very difficult.
      Inadequate supply of gas for the thermal plants due to either storage or pipeline vandalization  has not allowed full utilization of available capacity. Low gas pressure and poor gas quality with condensate sometimes results in plant short down.
    The embargo on (public sector) employment has created a huge gap in the skill required in the industry. The insufficient generation capacity creates the difficult of leaving enough spinning reserves to cushen the effect of loss of generation the grid. There is also an absence of local manufacturers of simple components that are frequently required to maintain our plant.

                               THE GOVERNMENT PLANS TO ADDRESS POWER SUPPLY.

     The National energy master plan already developed by the commission which has short, medium and long term measures in tackling the energy arises in one of the steps the commission has already taken.Also the national energy demands projections being the outcome of Model Analysis of Energy Demand (MAED), articulated by the commission are geared towards solving the present energy crisis in the country if the short term measures as outlined are implemented.
    The rain challenge are the apparent downess in the implementation of the power sector reforms and inadequate financial provision for the reform.
     Above all, privatization is the only solution to the power growth. this is because the government alone cannot carry the financial burden. The EEDC is the sole distributors, generation and management of our power and energy in Nigeria and has failed to live up to expectation due to corruption in all faces of the parastatals.

                                        GOD BLESS NIGERIA

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