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Monday, 10 August 2015


Nigerian Economy is suffering today as a result of mismanagement and neglect of other sectors of the countries economy. Back then when oil has not yet been discovered Nigeria depended solely on the agricultural sector which made the countries economy grow strong but as time went on oil was discovered and agriculture neglected because they thought that the money agricultural activities generated was not up to the amount of money the oil sector gives to the economy not knowing that if the country should combine both sectors of the economy it will create more employment space and generate more revenue for the country which will boost the economic growth and welfare of the country.Nigeria economy is still the way it is because they spend more money exporting unrefined oil to be refined in other countries and also pay a huge amount of money reimporting oil back to the country not knowing that there are so many products that the refining company wont bring back to the country rather they will bring back the product that the country asked for. If Nigeria will set there refining companies to work, they will be the one to refine the petroleum products and also get additional resources which was not brought back to the country by the countries the product was exported to, for refining. Examples of products that will be derived if Nigerian refining company were to refine her products include: bitumen, jelly etc. if the additional are sold it will help develop the countries economy.
 If the Nigerian government can put down this few ideas that was thought out by me, i think that the Nigerian economy will be better than it has always been.
                                                                              BY Okoro Samuel .C.
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