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Tuesday, 11 August 2015


                  For Nigeria's street to be free from beggars the federal government has to take some measures which include the following:
(1) Organizing of seminars 
(2) Helping them acquire skills

* ORGANIZING OF SEMINARS: Organizing of seminars is one of the strong tool in the eradication of beggars on the street. If the federal government organizes seminars for the beggars on the street telling them the benefits of engaging themselves into work instead of wasting there life and destiny on the street begging for arms. So therefore if this seminars are organized for this beggars, it will stir up the zeal in them to engage in work other than begging for arms in the street.

* HELPING THEM ACQUIRE SKILLS: If the federal can help this beggars acquire skills, it will help reduce the number of beggars on the street. Skills in which the federal government can help the poor masses acquire include the following: (i) Bead making 
                                             (ii) Hair making 
                                             (iii) Cloth making etc.
                If the poor masses can learn this skills sponsored by the federal government it will go a long way in eradicating beggars from the streets and also, if they start up this business it can also generate revenue for the country. So therefore i urge the federal government to take this measures to make Nigeria a better place.
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